I have seen users reporting that they are unable to remove CCM folder during their uninstallation /deletion process. This happens due to the unidentified process of ccm inventory not allowing the user to delete or remove the ccm folder.
In this case, identifying the process id used by inventory store and removing it will fix the issue. so that we can continue deleting the ccm folder.

Solution :

1. Copy Handle.exe and ProceXP.exe to some folder.
2. Open an administrative command prompt and navigate to the folder where the handle.exe is saved.
3. Run handle.exe c:\windows\ccm\inventorystore.sdf
You should be able to see the PID that doesn't allow you to delete
4. Open ProceXP.exe as administrator and kill the pid,

Handle.exe is a utility that shows more information about open handles for any process in the machine

Process Explorer display the information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded


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